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Advancing Performance

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A story of collaboration and synergy across corporate, regional and divisional finance organizations.

Finance transformation of large corporation’s core business processes, accelerating month end close and enabling earnings release 10 days post year-end.

Business process mapping of 270 finance processes with 313 improvement opportunities identified in the areas of automation, process re-engineering, modernization, reorganization & communication.

Business analytics dashboard reporting c


Key process Indicators focused on improving customer care and driving operational efficiencies

Provided real-time information to manage the timely sale of homes so they close on their original planned closing date, resulting in minimized incentives, higher margins and operational efficiencies.

Transformed complex data into simple, accessible and actionable business insights which enabled immediate action.

Improvement workshops across multiple divisions focused on even flow, trade shortages, quality standards and data analytics, projecting a 0.5% reduction of homebuilding costs or $8.1M in 3 years.



Lean transformation of inpatient, ancillary and ambulatory care processes.

Reporting to the CFO and responsible for strategic deployment of a Lean Management System framework modeled after the Toyota production system across heathcare affiliates.

Mentored and coached senior executives and board members on Lean Management principles.

Realized $2.9M in annualized cost savings by reducing LOS by 1.0 day. Increased capacity by 25%.

Inventory Management


Solution for optimized inventory levels transforming customer experience, financial productivity and capability development.

Developed 3rd party memory hub model solution to support several contract manufactures in EMEA. Lower cost operating model based on lower service fees, ROP inventory sizing, VMI for high spend parts.

Active management of inventory levels by customer at an aggregate level allowed for reduced overall inventory in the supply chain.

Significantly reduced inventories of $50-60M with an average dwell time of 45-48 days to $20M of OH inventory and an average dwell time of 17-19 days.

Empty Factory


Lean Enterprise transformation of business processes and global supply chain

Existing facility could not meet customer demand created need for designing and building a 2nd facility in Puerto Rico with capability to produce 1.4B components per year.

Created current state and optimized future state simulation model based on lean enterprise principles (i.e., processed linked & balanced, pull systems, cellular design, batch size optimization, flow & standard WIP, quick changeover).

New facility built to optimized design with performance results exceeding model predictions. Lead time reduced from 26 days to less than 10 days, fill rate improved from 86% to 99% and realized a annual revenue lift of $10M.

Speaker at business workshop and present


Lean Six Sigma expert & Master Black Belt coach presenting leadership workshops and belt certification classes.

Coordinated and facilitated lean education throughout the organization. Tracked lean training & certification status of all staff & leaders.

Developed lean leaders: coaching leaders & staff to become lean thinkers:

Worked with front line managers on a day-to-day basis to develop standard work, ensure adherence, and promote continuous improvement.

Coached workshop certification candidates in workshop and team leading roles. Such coaching included pre-workshop data collection & target setting as well as adherence to standard work during the preparation process and workshop week itself.

Coached and supported the role of process owner for a kaizen workshop in pre- and post-workshop responsibilities, included data gathering, preparing the department for the workshop.

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